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I was thinking about how happy I am with your group. \n\nHonestly I would have never tried an on-line group but for the pandemic and your shifting your in person classes to this format. \n\nI can't imagine that I would have gotten the strong support that I have received with my injured back in any format. \n\nThanks again.\"\n- Val...............\n\n\n\"Being part of your community is tremendously fulfilling. You offer such a variety of programs and I was able to find daily strength during a difficult time in my life.\"\n- Marie.............\n\n\n\"Thanks for checking in. So glad I was able to participate in class last night...such a good sleep afterwards🙂\nThe quality of the streaming was excellent: your voice was clear and as always your directions are precise and easy to understand. I so appreciate the many options you offer and of course the reminders to adapt as needed.\n\nI have to let you know that at random times during the day/week your voice pops into my head saying, “ lift the corners of your mouth, smile and breathe” ☺️\n\nLook forward to other classes this week...whether live or replay.\"\n- Margaret" }, { "id": "image", "title": "Review Image", "type": "image", "value": "https://unode1.s3.amazonaws.com/18212/uploads/32e7fb4d-4288-419b-b875-0a53249a5985.png", "hint": "Recommended size: 660x560px" } ] }, { "id": "all_platforms", "title": "All Platforms", "description": "Modify the settings of your All Platforms", "fields": [ { "id": "active", "title": "Show/Hide Section", "type": "boolean", "value": true }, { "id": "title", "title": "Title", "type": "string", "value": "A note from yoga therapist and guide, Angie Edgson..." }, { "id": "subtitle", "title": "Subtitle", "type": "text", "value": "If you have always wanted to start a safe and gentle yoga practice at home but didn't know where to start, this membership is for you. If your body is a little older and creakier OR beautifully abundant... this is for you. I help you learn how to modify the practice to suit any limitations you may have. This is NOT a spandex, athletic, acrobatic, workout style of yoga. It is a holistic and complete mind/body system.\nThe style of yoga I offer is therapeutic and can relieve various annoyances such as low back pain, sciatica, anxiety, sleeplessness, stress related issues, depression, knee troubles... just to name a few.\nYou will get: unlimited access to 4 live Zoom classes weekly for gentle strengthening, stretching and flexibility, deep relaxation and de-stressing plus Indian cooking classes from time to time. You do NOT have to turn your camera on unless you want to. \nAttend live on Zoom OR watch replays at your convenience from the on-demand library. You also get unlimited access to the entire library of pre-recorded therapeutic yoga videos, meditations, breath techniques, interviews, special events, 30 Days of Yoga Journeys, recipes, group accountability and more! \nAs a member you get full access to me, a certified yoga therapist with over 20 years experience in the field, to ask questions, get support, get advice or special recommendations for specific ills and ailments that you may have. Members can request videos they want to see and receive personalized instruction upon request. As a member, you also enjoy bonus events and classes that are offered, including discounts on my local and international yoga retreats. We donate a percentage of profits to worthwhile humanitarian and environmental organizations that are suggested by the members themselves. WE LOVE TO GIVE BACK! It is my passion to serve you in any way I can, to support you on your journey back to wellness and health so you don't have to go it alone. You will be joining over a hundred other lovely gentle souls in our community, all offering warm, non-judgemental support, giggles and other shenanigans in our members only Facebook community group (optional). There is no minimum obligation for the length of time of your stay. Our members tell us they will NEVER leave, but you are always welcome to cancel anytime. Yoga with Angie is a lighthearted, fun approach to yoga that supports you and accepts you exactly as you are. You truly have within you, everything you need to be health, happy and well. Yoga is not just the physical postures but an ancient technology for healing in the modern world. I make it my mission to share with you the teachings brought back from my gurus and masters in India, so that you, too, may experience yourself as healthy, happy and whole. Having a regular and nourishing home practice is right here at your fingertips. All you need is an internet connection. Works on any device.\nGentle yoga for gentle people.\nTHE MOVEMENT IS LOVE!" }, { "id": "image", "title": "Devices screen image", "type": "image", "value": "https://unode1.s3.amazonaws.com/18212/uploads/fec784c3-0e00-427b-882a-abbb936e500f.jpg", "hint": "Recommended size: 1520x860px" }, { "id": "amazon", "title": "Show/Hide Amazon", "type": "boolean", "value": false }, { "id": "amazon_link", "title": "Amazon link", "type": "link", "value": "/#all_platforms", "hint": "" }, { "id": "apple_tv", "title": "Show/Hide Apple TV", "type": "boolean", "value": false }, { "id": "apple_tv_link", "title": "Apple TV link", "type": "link", "value": "/#all_platforms", "hint": "" }, { "id": "roku_tv", "title": "Show/Hide Roku TV", "type": "boolean", "value": false }, { "id": "roku_tv_link", "title": "Roku TV link", "type": "link", "value": "/#all_platforms", "hint": "" }, { "id": "iphone", "title": "Show/Hide Iphone", "type": "boolean", "value": true }, { "id": "iphone_link", "title": "iPhone link", "type": "link", "value": "/#all_platforms", "hint": "" }, { "id": "android", "title": "Show/Hide Android", "type": "boolean", "value": true }, { "id": "android_link", "title": "Android link", "type": "link", "value": "/#all_platforms", "hint": "" }, { "id": "android_tv", "title": "Show/Hide Android TV", "type": "boolean", "value": false }, { "id": "android_tv_link", "title": "Android TV link", "type": "link", "value": "/#all_platforms", "hint": "" }, { "id": "fire_tv", "title": "Show/Hide Fire TV", "type": "boolean", "value": false }, { "id": "fire_tv_link", "title": "Fire TV link", "type": "link", "value": "/#all_platforms", "hint": "" } ] }, { "id": "seo", "title": "SEO Settings", "description": "Search Engine Optimization Settings.", "fields": [ { "id": "title", "title": "Page Title", "type": "string", "value": "Gentle yoga for gentle people", "hint": "The title tag of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page's content." }, { "id": "description", "title": "Page Description", "type": "text", "value": "Yoga with Angie online is a yoga membership with live Zoom classes AND an on demand video library of therapeutic yoga, beginners yoga and easy yoga for those with tight bodies and playful spirits. We believe yoga is fun and we take a gentle approach where every body gets to go at their own pace, honouring their body as they go.", "hint": "The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page. Search engines such as Google often display the meta description." } ] } ] }, { "type": "catalog", "title": "Catalog page", "blocks": [ { "id": "browse", "title": "Browsing Settings", "description": "Setup texts and filtering options.", "fields": [ { "id": "all_tab", "title": "All Programs Tab Title", "type": "string", "value": "All programs" }, { "id": "library_tab", "title": "Library Tab Title", "type": "string", "value": "My Library" }, { "id": "library_tab_show", "title": "Library Tab Show", "type": "boolean", "value": true, "hint": "You don't need 'My library' if you want to sell subscriptions only. 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Nothing was found." }, { "id": "newest", "title": "Newest filter", "type": "string", "value": "Newest" }, { "id": "latest", "title": "Latest filter", "type": "string", "value": "Oldest" } ] }, { "id": "seo", "title": "SEO Settings", "description": "Search Engine Optimization Settings.", "fields": [ { "id": "title", "title": "Page Title", "type": "string", "value": "The title tag of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page's content." }, { "id": "description", "title": "Page Description", "type": "text", "value": "The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page. 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